shackspace Infrastructure: Spray-Etch Tank Heater Fix

The last time bronsen and I wanted to use the spray-etching machine the heating element broke in a spectacular fashion (smoke, blown fuses, everything).

I’ve ordered a new heater (thanks Timm for pitching in) and now only hat to somehow mount it in the tank. This wasn’t straight forward since the old mount broke as well.

However, we do have a laser cutter at shackspace!
I grabbed a caliper and quickly measured out the key dimensions needed for a mount. I cut the mount from four millimeter PMMA (Plexi) and also cut four mounting slots in the base plate of the etching tank.
The mounts slide right over the heater’s glass tube and then slot into the base plate. Everything holds together by itself as long as you don’t lift the base plate. This allows for easy maintenance and replacements should the heater break again.

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