Project Fronius Repair #1

Just a day after I finished the iron flowerpot stand I ran into one of our shackspace-neighbors, Andi, who operates a huge metal workshop just downstairs of the hackerspace.

I asked him if he could teach me how to weld properly and he happily agreed. However, when I told him that I want to learn how to use the electrode welding machine we have at the space he was quick to tell me that he a) would be willing to teach me WIG/TIG welding and b) has no clue about electrode welding and really dislikes it.

After some back and forth talking about the cost of new WIG/TIG machines he remembered the Fronius MagicWave 2000 fuzzy that died a sudden heat death two years earlier. He offered to give the machine to shackspace for free so we could try and repair it.

I quickly agreed and went to work with fellow hacker derdritte to find out what was broken.

A first check resulted in a list of possibly and definitely broken parts, mostly high-power resistors.

A few clicks through the reichelt electronic store website resulted in shopping list of around 10 EUR for a first iteration to try fixing the machine. Way better than the 2000 EUR the official repair (without guarantee) would have cost.

Components were ordered and it was time to wait.

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