Project INFRA #1

I decided it’s time to propel small metal pieces through space. What better to use for this than a coilgun.

The principle is simple: Use an electro magnet (the coil) to attract a magnetic projectile and turn of the coil at the right moment so let the projectile travel along the barrel.

To get a strong enough magnetic field, a bank of capacitors (each 1 mF) was quickly soldered together.

The coil is simply hand-wound wire wrapped around a drinking straw which also acts as a barrel.

Turning of the magnetic field is relatively simply: the capacitor bank discharges so quickly that you can simply adjust the system by moving the projectile (a tiny 8 mm nail) closer to or further away from the coil.

Said nail could then be shot “across” the room. That is, it dropped to the floor around 3 meters into the room when shot from table height.

A few iterations of different coil sizes were done, but in the end there simply wasn’t enough power in the capacitor bank to get anywhere more… interesting ;)

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